Louis Vuitton Luggage

  1. I've been thinking if I should add a luggage to my collection. Specifically the Damier Keepall 50. However, I don't know how much use Im going to get out of it. Anyone have either the mono or damier keepall?
    Im thinking if I pack it full -it'll be extremely heavy and hard to carry around. Or would you recommand the Pegase with the wheels?
  2. i have the mono and in a year have used it about 4 times. Coming home after buying in pairs, way to and from paris in feb and on a hot daya needed a change of clothes.
  3. How tall are you? Hubby uses his Mono 55 w/ Strap for travel and the gym. I am smaller and use my white MC 45 everytime I travel. That would be every other month-ish.
  4. I have 2 Keepalls and use them whenever I travel. The smaller one for short trips, the large for longer stays. They can get heavy if you pack shoes in them. Both of mine have the shoulder strap but even that can dig a heck of a dent in your shoulder if you have heavy things in it.

    Keepalls are very durable as I've traveled with mine internationally through various airports. But again, the weight can get to you if you end up carrying a packed Keepall from gate to gate.
  5. the keepall is great i havent got a chance to use mine get because i dont want to get it dirty.
  6. pegase all the way :biggrin:
  7. I have a couple keepalls and I use them a lot. I love them for overnight trips.
    I also have a garment bag but I just put it on ebay because it just doesn't get enough use.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input! I wasn't too sure how many people even liked the keepall.
    Im really leaning towards a Damier -I like the darker color. Or my 2nd choice a Mono Keepall or Pegase if I could find a used one.

    Im a small person, so a 45 would be a good choice but I have a LOT of stuff I like to bring with me. You should see me stuff my luggages, I have to sit on them to close!
  9. I like my mono keepall but I bought it used on ebay. I'm already planning to use it for weekend stay at bf's house which is almost every week. I heard they are very durable considering my uncle has one that he used for the past 10 years and it still can take up alot of beating and the bag still looks good till this day.

    The 50 with strap is a good size for me and I'm 5'3"
  10. Are you going to put it inside a glass display case and admire it? :graucho: Might as well use it... :amuse:
  11. I love my keepall. I use anytime we have weekend get away..very roomy. I don't baby it anymore..
  12. I think most people need to break into their bags. It's like a psychological thing!

    I learned in my lectures that understanding most human behavior could be observed in children. Of course, an adult is more advanced and complex, but they still have the basics.

    For example, give a child something they'll cherished a lot like a portable PSP. He'll take very good care of it for the first few days/weeks and then after, he'll be throwing it around.
    Im using my little cousin as an example!

    I can be also very careful with my new bags -it takes a couple of days before I treat it like a BAG -kinda silly on my part! Of course, it varies with different people.

    I guess thats it! Im going to hunt down a keepall 50 or 55. Thanks huns!! It's good to review a bag before purchasing it.

    Last question, I heard the Damier Keepall doesn't come with a strap. Could I purchase the mono one? Or its something I wouldn't really need...
  13. Now none of you check any of your LV luggage in right? That would be suicide! I just came back from Disney and let me tell you, I didn't have LV luggage but when I checked my luggage in....the way they shove the bags onto the converyor belt and then later on into the xray machine....=(
  14. I have a keepall 60 that I always check in.:shocked: That baby has taking a beating but still in pretty good shape!!! I would recommend Pegase 60!!!:love: SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
  15. I'd be worries s***less! Looks like they hold up better than I thought! I had visions of ripped LV luggage in my head! :cry: