Louis Vuitton Luggage

  1. I am looking for a luggage piece from LV. I wanted a piece that could hold a couple of jeans, sweaters, etc. So I am kinda looking for a medium/large size but I wanted it to be small enough to be able to carry on in an aircraft. I think it cant be bigger than 51 linear inches (L*W*H). What do you guys recommend?? Thanks.
  2. keepall! get one w/shoulder strap
  3. My suggestions:
    -Sirius 55
    -Keepall 55
    -Damier Geant Souverain
    -Tobago Carryall
  4. keepall! do get one with a shoulder strap.
  5. I too recommend a keepall. I think the 45 and the 50 are great sizes, and they both fit under a plane seat or in the overhead compartment!
  6. I'd go with the Keepall 50. :yes:
  7. Tobago/Mono Carryall
    Epi/Damier keepall 50
  8. ITA :yes::yes::yes:
  9. If you want actual luggage, I would go with the pegase 50...otherwise the keepall is fabulous :smile:
  10. keepall 50
  11. keepall 50 w/ strap for sure!!!
  12. I LVoe the Eole 50 because of the wheels!!! Second would be the Carryall in leather. Goodluck!!!
  13. Keepall 50 :graucho:
  14. The keepall is a great size, and there's tons of room in it, too! I think you'd really like it!
  15. keepall 50 or 55 with a strap in case you dont want to hand carry it.