Louis Vuitton Luco tote

  1. Hi there girls!
    I just purchased a mint condition (zero signs of use) Luco tote for $500 at a consignement boutique in L.A., did I get a great deal?

  2. yes
  3. Great deal! Post pics!!!
  4. yeah def? Where in LA?
  5. Sounds like you did...can you post pics?
  6. Certainly sounds like it! Any pics to share?
  7. :tup:
  8. Great deal on a hard to find bag! I love mine!
  9. Congrats! Good deal!
  10. pics please! ;)
  11. You got one heck of a deal on a bag that's discontinued!
  12. Wow! I need to see this you lucky lady.
  13. Wow! Congrats!
  14. Post a Pic!

    Would be a treat!
  15. I want to see it. I have no idea what kind of tote it is.