Louis Vuitton London question

  1. Hi, does anyone know which store is the flagship store in London ?. Also which store is the best LV store to shop in, in london. Im going to London for my birthday and would like to buy a new bag so was just wondering, anymore info would be much appreciated. thanks:flowers:
  2. Bond Street would be the flagship store, but the Slaone Street store is a close second. However, the SA's are friendlier in Sloane in my opinion.
  3. i think it's the one on Bond Street or Sloane Street
  4. i cant wait ill be visiting this weekend and have never been to london ever! im after the bubble earrings if theyre out (anybody know the price) and if not then maybe the inclusion bracelet! im excited ahhh!!!

    btw i know this wasnt relevant but its nice to know which is the flagship store too and i thought id share my little story of excitement :yahoo:
  5. omg hannah thats great. It will be my 1st time in london too, when you get back will you PM me and tell me what it was like and which store is best (Bond Street or Sloane Street). Thanks to everyone who replied. when I go Im gunna get the CanCun I think and a bandana so I may get one from the Bond Street store then Sloane Street lol I cant wait !.
  6. I prefer Sloane Street: better SA.
  7. socialite, im sorry i dont know your name!
    i certianly will! im going down to see robbie williams and i am SO excited! ill PM you my msn if you have it? and can tell you all about my london shopping exp lol! i cannot WAIT but ive only got like £150 wages left and ive got 2 birthday pressies to buy tomorrow :sad: an 18th and a 2nd haha so ill only have about £130/120 in london :| so no LV for me... i thought i had more tbh but i spend spend spend! i reeeeeeally need to learn to save haha
  8. I think sloan street is better than bond for all the stores, it never seems as busy & there's a little more option IMO
  9. Brill info thanks! lol soci ive taken over your thread haha!!!
    ill be checking out both shops anyways if ive got enough time (and can drag my mums mate in, shes not into designers) but i really want to check out gucci down there... xmas soooooon :biggrin: :biggrin: haha
  10. Personally, my favourite is the counter inside Harrods.. and when you're done, you can look at the Hermes counter. :graucho: