Louis Vuitton Lock

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  1. Does anyone know what the retail price is of a polished brass LV lock? Are they available in the LV boutique, or are they special ordered? Or does anyone in the Las Vegas area have a spare authentic lock for sale? Thanks!!
  2. $25
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  3. ^really?!?!?! I lost my keys for my lock, so I went into the store and they gave me a new lock and key for free....
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  4. ^^It varies. Depending on the SA, what you need it for, and how familiar you are with them, they'll either give you one for free or charge you the $25.

    They're readily available in-store and don't need to be ordered.
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  5. I got mine for free!
  6. Depends on the SA. I've never asked for any, but once I simply mentioned about a lock tarnishing...and my SA gave me like 3-4 new ones :nuts: If you're a regular customer, I'm sure they'd just give you one.
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  7. Oh i love the locks. MY Sa gives my lots of dusts.
  8. i lost the key to my lock but the lock is still on my bag. would i have to cut it off?

    and a litte off topic, are you able to get/purchase dust bags from the store? i lost all of mine.
  9. look at the lock number on the padlock. if your store has other padlocks with the same number, then you can open using the same key. otherwise have to cut it i guess...

    not sure if you can ask them to give you dust bags though.... and i am pretty sure you cant buy them at the stores too... how did you manage to lose all of yours?
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  10. No, it's very unlikely that you could purchase any dustbags, they say they make one dustbag for each item made.
  11. In St. Louis they are $27. $29 something with tax.
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  12. I know LOL they are quite expensive. I dont really lock things anyway LOL
  13. In San Francisco, California they are $27 plus tax. Make sure you check that it's not tarnished before you leave the store though.
  14. interesting inof abt the lock...:tup: dust bags can be found on eBay but got ot be careful about fakes..:supacool:
  15. is there anywhere in the U.K. where i can get either a key to my closed padlock, or a new padlock and key for my alma bag and also what is the best way to clean the brown handles etc. Any advice would be much appreciated
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