Louis Vuitton Linda Scarf Bag

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. This bag is absolutely gorgeous, especially the silk combination with alligator.


    Well done LV
  2. Great looking bag but I am not a fan of the price tag! I can think of so many other ways to spend $5000.00!!!:lol:
  3. I second that, I will get either Black Le Fab or L'epanoui GM plus other bags instead...

    $5000 for that bag ???[​IMG]
  4. OMG!!! This smiley is CRACKING ME UP!!!:roflmfao:
  5. Yup, I'd save a little bit more for a Birkin :yes:
  6. It's A Beautiful Bag
  7. Pretty but after getting the limited-to-30-worldwide denim/chinchilla demi lune for about $1500 less, I couldn't see myself spending that much on this one.
    I'd so much rather have a Le Fab now.
  8. I think this is not going to be a classic though
  9. I love it, if I had the cash I'd definatly go for it:love:
  10. What color do you like best?
  11. ????
  12. me too :love:
  13. You guys are pretty obsessed with the Birkin, which one are you interested in.
  14. Do you know how many b-bags you could buy for $5000? How about you can collect a cerises speedy, a cerises bucket, a cerises sac plat, a cerises keepall, and a cerises lezard pochette for $5000.
  15. Sorry but I think you are a bit too familiar with the prices of things.
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