Louis Vuitton Limelight Clutch ?

  1. hi,I've been trying ask the SA about this bag on the phone ,but nobody knows this bag ,and they asking me if I know the bag's code ,so they can easy to find out..

    can someone help me this? the code for this bag??
    thanks a lot..:heart:
  2. mm i think someone has one already on here!
  3. Try a search on tpf.
  4. WOW! SA's really are CLUELESS sometimes!
  5. The model number/SKU/whatever it's called for the Limelight clutch is M95572. ;)

    Good luck with your search!
  6. It was on the show and they don't know?

    I printed out a picture for my SA once, try to do that. It might help their memory. =) Good luck on getting it!

  7. I find it hard to believe any LV would have problems ordering this item, its in the lookbook, with their serial numbers; I sometimes suspect fakers are out looking for ANY info on new items in order to copy it.....:tdown:
  8. Some people selling Limelight Clutches on eBay already:shrugs:
    Does anybody knows if they are for sale in the Boutiques already?
    I'm dying to get one but i've been told that they'll be for sale only in December :confused1:
  9. there are two codes depending on which colour you want

    Bronze is M95572
    Pearl is M95576
  10. thanks everyone...I already called them and give them the codes ,hopefully I can get it at the end of month...

    really really thanx you guys help.....
  11. I believe that the waiting lists are closed so you can't get on the lists anymore. Thats what the LV associate told me. They already started releasing them. BTW, i saw one on eBay today and its gorgeous. I might just buy it too. What do you girls think? Pearl or copper?

  12. You're thinking to buy it off ebay?
    It's $1000 more then retail price.
    I called in to the Boutique today and they waiting for the Clutch any day now
    I'm keeping my fingers cross that would be able to get one...:heart:
  13. I don't think I can wait any longer. It's gonna go great with all my outfits. Yay!
  14. hmm lets not over analyze the situation. you may be right though.:yes: but lets give the benefit of the doubt because
    sometimes its true the SA's can be CLUELESS.
    when i first saw the raymundo sunglasses on pharrell
    i knew i had to have them
    I went to bal harbour and they thought i was speaking about the millionaires. then they simply thought i was confusing designers. AND THATS BALHARBOUR. one of the more popular Lv boutiques in the US.