Louis Vuitton Limelight clutch GM impossible to find? Possible sightings?

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  1. Has anyone seen the LV Limelight clutch in the GM size anywhere at any LV boutiques? :shrugs:

    I have lots of international friends who could potentially pick it up for me since I heard LV boutiques dont ship internationally either...:yes:

    So please post or let me know if you have seen the limelight GM clutch (open to any colors though I really prefer gold, black and perle over copper...was there also a brown too? I dont recall hearing about the brown when i spoke with the LV boutiques in the U.S.)

    Thanks soooo much!!! :heart:
  2. I also want to get the Limelight clutch GM in Gold but unfortunately, my SA told me it is already SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE (but not sure if that is true, cuz I also checked with LV 866 number but was told that they don't have any access to other country's inventory, so I don't know who got the correct information.)

    Good luck. :smile:
  3. I was also told by the LV SA that that the clutch was sold out everywhere and impossible to find.
  4. ^^thanks for your feedback tho!!!

    I guess eBay is the only way now...or consignment shops...
  5. Yea. I am checking out Let-trade evey single day now, hope I can find a limelight clutch GM and Tisse Sac Rayures GM one day. :smile:
  6. Someone mentioned here before that they will be rereleasing more Limelights, possible in new colours too. Maybe you might want to check around first.
  7. I heard that too but I asked LV, they said they don't have any news on that. :crybaby:
  8. ohhhh im really hoping they do!!
  9. Sorry to revive this old thread...but has anyone heard of the limelight clutch being re-released?
  10. no word about it being released but then again i am not in the LV loop so much...been seeing lots of Limelights on eBay and resale market though...


    im now the proud owner of the black AND gold GM limelights woot!!

    would love to hear about any other colors in the limelight too tho!
  11. ^ aww, I'm so happy for you! Have you been able to get them at a reasonable price or are they still selling at the crazy mark-ups?
  12. ohhh thanks :smile:

    i was actually able to get both at decent prices...i actually never got the exact USD retail on the GM Limelight--somehow never could get the price on TPF when looking back on old threads but I THINK it was 1700 or 1800 USD???

    The gold was a bit higher than the black but i was so anxious to get the gold I was just glad it wasnt 3K or something LOL

    which color are you looking for?
  13. There is a Limelight clutch on KarenKooper.com. Not sure if its the one you are looking for.
  14. Perhaps you could check out a website called bagborroworsteal.com!

    They have designer items available to "borrow" but you could "steal it" (purchase it) if you want! You may have to call them to see exactly how it works!