Louis Vuitton Lexington Accessory Pouch

  1. Who here has this?? I was thinking about getting it...but would love to know how much it stuff it could fit inside. If you have any pictures post them PLEASE!!:heart: :yes: :yes: And tell me your opinions about this bag!! TIA!!!

  2. I don't have it, but I love that bag. The framboise is gorgeous and I believe will be discontinued soon.

    I'm sure someone who has it will chime in soon. :smile:
  3. I have this bag in noisette... it's very cute, and great for an evening out, but it's pretty tiny.
  4. check visual threads..
    Ihave one, doesn't hold that much but it's cute..
  5. I have the pink fleurs lexington. It's very small, smaller than my other pochettes, and more structured so you cant fit that much. It's really a special occasion bag for me.
  6. I love this bag. I want in in perle or noisette but as of right now, I cant bring myself to spend $620 on a bag I wouldnt be able to get A LOT of use out of. It is so beautiful though. I took a look at it last week and it is very structured and narrow, more narrow than the mono canvas pochette acessories. it would be able to fit a thin cell phone and thin wallet and maybe a few other small items.
  7. I think that the Lexington is an absolute must-have in any LV collection. Yes, it is super small but it's also super chic and wears well on an evening out. It's also good for quick jaunts where you only need your cell, some money and your lip balm. I particularly like the look of my Lex with a matching Cles... It's a yummy burst of color depending on which one you carry!
  8. I have the fuchsia one and I do love it but don't use it all that often. Even when I go out I end up carrying a bunch of stuff including friends' car keys in addition to mine (they don't like purses like I do, apparently lol) so I don't have much room. I tend to use it more when I go to Starbucks or something, as I do with all my pochettes :yes:
  9. It's a beauty! I love vernis bags. BF likes the size but not the price for it.
  10. It´s gorgeous but small.