Louis Vuitton Leonor, Real Or Not?

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  1. Hi I have won this LV bag but I am not an expert when it comes to LV, I do like the look of this bag, please help me me out ladies, authenticate it for me, thank you :smile:
  2. Welcome :welcome:

    .........this thread should be in the "authenticate this" LV section.......and include pics too when you have authenticity questions. :yes:
  3. ^ Yes, and please post pics of the bag! : )
  4. Oh thank you girls, I was stupid, I forgot to include the auction link hehe, thanks again I will jump into authenticate this...
  5. [​IMG]

  6. ^ i really cant tell with the lighting on the pic/camera.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. The size of the bag seems off.
  9. And I think the strap for the buckle should have more than just three sets of holes.
  10. This is what I saw in the auction:

    The size of the bag is 12.6'' x 7.1'' x 4.3''

    I will ask for more pictures. thank you again for your help.
  11. I own this bag in mono and would be glad to help but its impossible to try and authenticate a multicolore bag if you cannot see the true color.

    These pics worry me. Do you have any better photos so we can see the color of the bag and the inside?
  12. For future reference, please post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky in the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" Section. ;)

    The trademark heat stamp looks ok, but I believe that there should be more than three sets of holes on the strap.

    Please post color pictures of the front of bag, back of bag, date code, and hardware.
  13. I went on eBay and did a search and found the completed listing for this auction. Its from a seller who has only 6 feedback and they are all from the .01cent sales.

    I am going to go out on a limb and tell you to stay away. The seller used the .01cent auctions to give themselves feedback. They have never really sold or bought anything realon eBay. And since this bag sold for under $600 it would worrys me. The retail on it was $2200plus

    let us know what happens
  14. I have a feeling it's fake now.
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