Louis Vuitton Le Voyage Fall 2007 Ad Campaign

  1. I'm sure some of these pictures have been posted before, but not sure if all of them have. If this is a repeat, please delete.
    louisvuitton_levoyage.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage2.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage3.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage4.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage5.JPG
  2. more
    louisvuitton_levoyage6.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage7.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage8.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage9.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage10.JPG
  3. last set
    louisvuitton_levoyage11.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage12.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage13.JPG louisvuitton_levoyage14.JPG
  4. Love that red Vernis trolley!
  5. Oo yea it has been posted but it's always fun to see some eye candy!
    I Love the Vernis Luggage! :drool:
  6. Thank you for posting!
  7. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I LOVE the diamond locket :drool: