Louis Vuitton Le Voyage Catalogue

  1. Im sure some you guys have seen them, but would like to share it anyway.
    SNC10074.JPG SNC10075.JPG SNC10076.JPG SNC10077.JPG SNC10078.JPG
  2. Pic of Pegase Trolley and Beauty Case in Mnogram Vernis Pomme de Amour
    SNC10079.JPG SNC10080.JPG SNC10081.JPG SNC10082.JPG SNC10084.JPG
  3. Trunks and Bags Mini Pochette with Monogram Trunks Silk Scarf (P.S. A monogram Trunks Bandeau will be released this Fall 2007-2008)
    SNC10085.JPG SNC10086.JPG SNC10087.JPG SNC10088.JPG SNC10089.JPG
  4. More of the catalogue
    SNC10090.JPG SNC10091.JPG SNC10092.JPG SNC10093.JPG SNC10094.JPG
  5. Note the Borguet Bag in Epi Leather Black! (Mens)
    and for Women as well...
    SNC10095.JPG SNC10096.JPG SNC10097.JPG SNC10101.JPG SNC10102.JPG
  6. Monogram Multicolore white Ipod Case
    Berkeley bag in Damier Azur
    SNC10103.JPG SNC10104.JPG SNC10105.JPG SNC10106.JPG SNC10107.JPG
  7. Commanche bag in Utah leather
    Tonga Sunglasses in Acetate ans Aluminum
    Ivan Bag in Taiga Leather
    SNC10110.JPG SNC10111.JPG SNC10112.JPG SNC10114.JPG SNC10115.JPG
  8. Conspiration sunglasses in metal and acetate
    Garment Bag in Taiga Leather
    Beverly Monogram Canvas
    SNC10116.JPG SNC10118.JPG SNC10119.JPG SNC10120.JPG SNC10121.JPG
  9. Valise Conquerant 65 in Damier Geant
  10. Thank you!!! I am trying to get ahold of this catalog!
  11. Thanks for sharing!! I was going to the ny one east and ask about it today, but Puerto Rican Parade (although it was fun fun fun) was totally in my way!!!
  12. flippen LOVE this! yay my Ivan is in there! This makes me want a hard sided suitecase and an azur keepall REAL bad lol! DAMN! oh and that new mc wide screen ipod holder... HOT! i have to buy it but what do I do with my older one not made for the wide screen lol I would hate to sell it :sad:
  13. Too funny! I was visting NYC this weekend for a wedding and I went to the NY one East store on Sat. to shop, etc. I asked for this catalog as well and they told me to come back, which I was fine with as I wanted to return again to the magnificent store. I totally had forgotten about that darn parade though! It was also in my way all day!
  14. Thanks for sharing photos:heart:
  15. thanks for sharing!