Louis Vuitton Launches Diamond Monograms

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  1. By THOMSON DIALOG: NewsEdge
    Posted: 3/30/2006 5:14 PM (Rapaport...The Jakarta Post) Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton recently launched a new collection of monograms that are smaller and more precious as they are enriched with natural colored stones and diamonds. The move is reported to have been one way to combat handbag conterfeiting.
    Inspired by flowers, pearls and hearts, the monograms uses stones of various hues, such as pale green, pink, yellow and pastel colors. The monogram charms can hold up to 12 different designs to be added or taken off as the owner pleases.

    Copyright 2006 The Jakarta Post
    c 2006 Thomson Newsedge Dialog
  2. Any prototype pics? That would be awesome to see :biggrin:
  3. I MUST see images! I also heard the monogram will have some sort of communicating signal. Like two real LVs will just light up when next to each other. How cool huh? I read that in TIME, but that's still in the works.
  4. I must see these bags! I love diamonds :love:
  5. Not that technology isn't fabulous but I think that would be kind of tacky, to have your LV light up. A good (and probably incredibly expensive) way of distinguishing a fake from a real one, but still.. there is no part of me that desires a light-up bag, lol.
  6. The lighting up thing is kinda freaky. Imagine if it lit up while you were at the movies, haha.
  7. Enriched with natural colored stones & diamonds?? Need to see one!!! Must be very expensive though!! Are the diamonds those of many carats??
  8. Ohh, diamonds are gal's best friends.. In my case, it's guy's best friend too. LOL! I want to see some pictures!

  9. ooooooo Diamonds AND bags :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  10. I have to see pictures i think it would be very nice.
  11. I really want to see pictures of this!!!! it sounds prettyy
  12. Woah, I've always wanted one of those suede crystal bags, and now they're doing it for a special line !!! I bet they're mucho dinero though !
  13. Interesting at least!
    Can't wait to see photos!
  14. I wonder how much is the bag??? gossshhh so excited to see some pix:nuts:

  15. If they're using real diamonds/gemstones, my guess is at least several thousand dollars per small bag (ie, $3000-$4000+).