Louis Vuitton Launches $961 Covid Face Shields


Jan 21, 2013
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Louis Vuitton Launches $961 Covid Face Shields

Louis Vuitton Launches $961 Covid Face Shields
Get your PPE with a side of extreme luxury.
SEPTEMBER 11, 2020
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Now that face masks and shields are officially a part of our everyday outfits for the foreseeable future, it makes sense that luxury designers would want to cash-in on the biggest accessory trend to come out of the pandemic. A number of brands have already made the foray into fancy masks, but Louis Vuitton is the first to offer a high-fashion face shield, with the price tag to match.

The French fashion house announced this week that it will be releasing its elegant $961 take on PPE as part of the label's 2021 Cruise collection, available in stores worldwide on October 30th. The shield is composed of an elastic monogrammed strap that goes around the wearer's head with a moveable shield attached by golden studs engraved with the LV logo. The shield itself also comes trimmed in Vuitton's signature monogram print, can be flipped upwards to be worn as a peaked hat, and also comes with transition lens technology so it can go from clear to dark depending on the level of sunlight.

A press release announcing the shield describes it as “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.” And once cities are allowed to safely have in-person runway shows again, these LV Shields are almost guaranteed to be the must-have accessory of fashion week. But if the brand really wants to kick their luxury PPE offerings up a notch, maybe they should also consider consulting the Indian man who made a $4,000 solid gold face mask for their Spring/Summer 2021 line.


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Aug 31, 2008
I laughed so hard when I first saw this on Instagram. This face shield will not block any virus. Why would people buy this and have to disinfect it, only to ruin it? You can't clean the canvas part with alcohol. But some people would buy it just because it's LV.


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Sep 25, 2006
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I wear medical-grade PPE all day when I'm in surgery and these items barely hold up to rigorous wear and tear/cleaning. I can't imagine how this ridiculous $1,000 item will withstand cleaning agents. The last thing I want to do after I leave work is to wear it again...in designer style, nonetheless...... an idea in truly poor taste!!


Jul 10, 2018
No way, I’d be embarrassed to wear this. Also to the designer houses who make these, I feel it is in such poor taste to try to make money off a pandemic that has killed thousands. A discreet logo on a cloth mask, fine. This? Shame on you.
Lately they’ve been doin nothin much but showin poor taste..