Louis vuitton Lagoon too expensive?

  1. I saw this today in store and its sooooooo cute i was planning to buy this and a small wallet to put in it when i want a change from a purse. but at $620 cdn i'm thinking its not worth it considering i can buy a purse with $200- $400 more.
    what do you ladies think? yay or nay?
    lagoon.jpg lvwallet.jpg
  2. For me it's a nay because it looks too much as a case for glasses as it probably is rather than a purse. So I'm passing on this one but that just my opinion.
  3. For me it's a nay also. I would feel a little self concious that everyone would think I was trying to pass off a little sunglass holder for a purse.
  4. I'm not a very big fan of clutch bags. It's cute but not very practical.
  5. i'm not a big fan of clutches either but i'm strangely drawn to it...i dont know if it's practical or not but it's cute! =) sorry, i'm no help whatsoever, haha.
  6. That's the perfect description for it. To answer your question, I think it's too expensive for what it is.
  7. I like it, but I would nay it and wait until I had another 200 and buy a bag ;)
  8. I really don't like it :shame:
  9. I agree .. save for a bag:biggrin:
  10. If you already have the bags and wallets.. to me it's a yay. Why ? Louis Vuitton has some weird pricing going on, I mean, look at the price of a Shirley ! The lagoon is really meant to be carried in a different way, so even though it hurts so much price-tag-wise, it really can't compare in function !
  11. Agreed! I don't like spending a lot of money on small bags/clutches that I can't fit much in.
  12. i think it's too expensive, too. i saw it at lv last week and it is meant for glasses so, although it's cute, it's so tiny, i wouldn't know what could fit in there except for, well, glasses. i'd buy a bag.
  13. I think the Lagoon is very cute, but wouldn't spend that kind of money on it.
  14. Nay. Save your money and invest in something a little bigger.
  15. Go for the BAG!