Louis Vuitton Key Chains

  1. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction to find out more about LV key chains?? I tried searching on the forums and for a guide on eBay but no luck.

    I see tons of key chains on eBay, and yes, I realise that most of them are probably fake, but am wondering whether LV ever even made some of the styles? (I only just found out that all Hello Kitty Coach items are fake!)

    For example, I frequently see teddy bear louis vuitton key rings - either one large bear with a monogram print, or about 5 small teddy bear charms. Likewise, there are often auctions for "couple keyrings" where you get a boy an a girl keyring.

  2. A LOT of them are fake...anything that comes in those weird long bracelet like boxes with the LV in the middle are fake.
    Couple keyrings were never made, bear keyrings were never made and a lot of the ones that look like the Pastilles keyrings are just bad knockoffs, yet people buy them.
    If you're interested in one, post it on the Authentication forum here and we'll have a look at it.