Louis Vuitton Key and Change Holder. Good Buy... or Not?

  1. I'm just about kicking myself right now... but should I be?

    I wanted to buy a beautiful $750 Pucci pouchette, but I just dumped $150 on a Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Key and Change Holder. My aunt is addicted to bags as well and so I went shopping with her. She told me since I already have the mini pouchette, to buy this because it will come in handy.

    I wanted it too, but I'm kinda regretting it. Sorta.

    I do web design jobs which is where i get part of my money, but I guess I'll have to save up again. I'm only 13.

    Was it a good choice?

    And, better yet,

    Would anyone want to donate to the Kristin Fund ? :tup:

    lol just kidding. I'll make back the money real fast. :drool:
  2. I think the LV piece is more classic. Some of the Pucci pieces are pretty but they can look dated..I think when you get older you'd be more likely to still like your LV piece rather than the Pucci one.
  3. Is this what you're meaning ?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Great item, very handy and worth the money. I have this its great.. Dont know how i lived without it for some long.
  4. I think it's the best buy you could ever make! It's so functional and cute!

    Welcome to tPF btw! :welcome:
  5. I think your choice is very cute and I agree with the others that later you will probably appreciate it more than the Pucci but... my #1 shopping rule is you should never buy anything that you dont LOVE :heart:
  6. if a Cles is what you are talking about.. I'd definitely keep it! I have 3 right now and I do want many more. I just love using them, I find them very convenient.
  7. It is very functional. It's not only for keys and change, you can put your ipod nano or mobile. That's what I am currently doing.

    You can find pix on my site of my new mobile with my Mini Lin key & change holder
  8. It's cute!! I'd keep it!
  9. Very handy - I have 4 (different ones):p
    Enjoy and wear it in good health!
  10. love the cles. can't get enough of them. i have two. it is a great buy.
  11. good buy... you can fit in your id's, atm cards, $ and change. plus its so compact you can put it in your pocket.... i do that when i need to go to the grocery real quick..
  12. I have four cles and love them all.. definitely a keeper!
  13. I own 2...the mono and a red vernis...love them..for summer I have my red vernis one out..put my keys on it and my money and change in the holder part...love it!!
  14. IRL your thread, i'm on the same boat as you. i just purchased a key and change holder yesterday and i felt iffy about it because it's so small and wasn't sure exactly what i can use it for. my sa persuaded me to buy one because she said it was very handy. she said it could hold your cards, keys, etc. i guess we'll see together. at least you have yours on hand, i still have to wait for mine in the mail. by the way, which one did you get? i got the mini lin.
  15. Definitely a good buy! Some members here have a dozen different ones, in different lines...they're so useful! Good for cards, keys, going out - if you don't wanna carry a whole bag, just put your id and cash in there and attach your keys, and you're good!