Louis Vuitton Kenmare

  1. Hi, Im thinking about getting the LV Kenmare bag, can anyone please give me some info on it. is it usefull ? :smile:
  2. do you have a picture?
  3. Here is a pic of it, rebeccalou28 has one for a very good price. I heard she is a very good seller. I personally love this bag!

  4. my friend is going to sell me one but i dont know, do you think its good for a male too and do you think its a usefull bag ?
  5. I personally wouldn't carry it b/c it looks to girlish IMO... but if you think you can rock it, go for it! ;)
  6. thanks for the info Im so glad you said that, I was thinking the same too but just didnt want to say it to myself. I think I will have alook in my store at maybe a cles instead of this. Thanks guys x
  7. What cles did you have in mind? :graucho:
  8. maybe an epi cles but im not too sure :biggrin:
  9. if you really like Vernis, how about a P.Cles in indigo? it's a bit more doable for a guy :yes:
  10. if it's in that color, I think it's a bit too girly. But if it's in bronze, it might work...
  11. thanks for the info guys...Im going to look at them all in the store tomorrow x
  12. Ooooh Let me know how you get on Socialite! I definitly go for the epi cles if I was you, Much more stylish!
  13. I was looking at the same exact auction :lol: Then I reasoned with myself and decided not to get it since my stuff will never fit in it :lol: It´s beautiful though.