Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 vs. pochette gange

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  1. hi,
    I need ur advice! I am a 16 year old boy and I travel alot. should i buy the keepall 50 as carry-on or the pochette gange!? My parents fear that if I get the keepall, it's like inviting people to rob me, resulting in loosing my passport and all my other junk:tdown:....but i really like it! I also really like the pochette gange! my parents are ok with it because its smaller and not as "come and rob me!"... but I dont like it as much as the keepall. plz help!!
    btw...I can only get one of them:tdown:
  2. and also, I dont have anything against gays but I dont want people thinking I am gay. Which one would look less gay? pochette gange or keepall?
  3. Why are you worried what ppl will think ?
    If you like the bag and are happy carrying it F*** what ppl think.
    but if you are worried maybe you should try the damier keepall it looks a lil more butch ;)
  4. In the same boat at you, a straight guy who likes luxury goods. If I were you, I would go ahead and get what you want. A vuitton bag is not going to make you 'look gay.' You're only gay if you're attracted to men, and no one can tell that from looking at you.
  5. i think you should def consider what your parents think about "an invitation to rob you". I travel a lot, and tourists are targets. my 6' 235lb husband and i were walking around in the middle of the afternoon and someone tried to steal his watch. the guy was like half my dh's size and dh punched him in the face! i don't think we looked particulary "tourist-y" but I think theives know expensive stuff when they see it.
    since then, when i travel, i leave my wedding ring at home, and only carry no-name bags. it's not worth it. instead of being able to enjoy all the sites you are looking over your shoulder wondering if someone is targeting you. I think something in a damier pattern would be better, since it's not so obviously LV. just my 2 cents, good luck!
  6. thanks you guys soooo much for replying! I'm gonna get the pochette gagne:smile:...cuz all the grown ups are saying its just much smarter! but i also want a keepall...maybe i'll get it when im older and more mature so it suits me more.
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