Louis vuitton junkie... In need of rehab

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  1. Hi Ladies & Gents

    I have a confession!! I am a JUNKIE!!! I am sooo addicted to LV at the moment that I have done a mini purchase (or what I call inbetween purchase) before my big splurge.

    I am waiting for the speedy idylle 30 but its been out of stock for what seems like FOREVER... So I had to splurge on a mini LV item, to keep me sane, while I wait for this bag to be back in stock. So my mini purchase to feed my LV habit is the trunks monogram bandeau (as I think she will look so pretty on my mon monogram bag which I will also order soon :smile: )

    Do any of you do any "inbetween" purchases???? If so please tell ...
  2. I'm not yet at the point where I can buy the super expensive bags but between the two bags that I do have I did purchase a Sarah mono wallet and a mini pouch. So yes I indulge in that sort of thing.
  3. In a way yes...I bought some cheaper pieces lately while still "saving up" for the bags on my wishlist. I don't have a deadline in buying the bags I want so I have the luxury of buying stuff in betweem.
  4. Yes Ill buy slgs or sunglasses if there is not a bag I must have
  5. Yes, I do that when I have an LV craving :smile:
  6. yay im glad im not the only one! im new to LV but it's becoming ridiculous. i'm always thinking about my next purchase; I actually got the idylle fusain as my first LV in august! I absolutely love her, but I'm always thinking of other things to buy that go "with it". haha. To keep my sanity, I'm trying to keep myself from my next big purchase until December, but it is such a long time coming so I went ahead about bought a vernis agenda hehe. It helps, but only for a few weeks or so! lol
  7. yess, i have a couple times..
  8. LOL WOW... at least I am not the only one!

    I am already contemplating purchasing a bag charm, just to ease the pain of waiting :P
  9. I'm living exactly the same situation since I can not find my damier graphite keepall in entire France!!!!!!!:crybaby:, so now I thinking about to get the pochette clés, because I think I deserve it for be waiting so long!!!!
  10. LOL. I totally understand. If I'm waiting for a big purchase, I buy accessories for the big purchase in the meantime. Always works out well.

  11. Birds of the same feather... LOL... TPF is the only place in the planet where I feel 'sane' and 'normal' when thinking/reading/talking about LV and Prada handbags. :biggrin:
  12. me too!
  13. So am I! Thank God for TPF!
  14. That's what all of us true JUNKIE's do .... :girlsigh:
  15. Yup, T&B mini Pochette and my Playtime charm. lol