Louis Vuitton June - Nov 2015 New Releases

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  1. Lol I'm anxious to see! I'm so annoyed LV isn't sharing any info with me, I am holding off ordering a speedy b mon mono and hopefully it's worth it!

  2. It's s beautiful color actually
  3. Sorry, I was talking about something else. There is no mon monogram in the look book.
  4. It is a pretty color that is on the lighter side, but not too light. Definitely not orangey-red. I have seen several pics and there are also some in the look book.

    There have been several members that have seen the look book so it is out there. It just depends on your SA if they want to admit it. I think that is a shame they have to play games.
  5. Is the Pochette Metis really going to be discontinued?

    I really like the bag but it costs around $650 more in our local LV store as compared to the price in Paris, and I'll be in Paris in May of next year. I'm thinking if I should wait to buy it ($650 is huge savings), but it might not be available anymore by the time I get to Paris?
  6. The Metis line is being discontinued in January. :tdown:

  7. Oh :sad: I wonder if it's true then. Someone had mentioned it was going to be at a private event a few weeks back. I am going to try asking another SA this weekend. Hopefully I can find something out.

  8. I am pining for the MM too! :graucho:
  9. Love this thread:smile:. Thanks for shareing.
    I am debating myself that should I get a Mazarine MM or Turenne MM?
  10. Turenne MM
    Didn't show the picture?
  11. +1

    I know!! I can't wait either for the new book to pop up here! I love this forum so much.

    I love hearing what LV pieces people are going to get and to talk about the new releases.

  12. absolutely - i love mine!
  13. nope no picture - but from the looks of the quoting - you put some REALLY LONG web address, so that could be why.
  14. SERIOUSLY?! So much for an Empriente PM.