Louis Vuitton June - Nov 2015 New Releases

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  1. Ditto😊
  2. That was tenKrat! :biggrin:

    But personally, the St. Germain MM is a little too big for me for a shoulder flap bag. I think the Montaigne would be my preference between the two empreinte Stud bags.
  3. Also a great choice.
  4. Ok, cool. Thanks. I'll patiently wait. I really want to get my hands on the blue one.
  5. I just purchased the new Montaigne MM with studs & love it!


  6. Lol sorry about that. May I ask how tall are you? I love the Montaigne as well, but feel that when worn with the long strap over the shoulder it could look a bit off but the bag is beautiful.

  7. Same here. Couldn't pass it up. Nor the Zippy. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1446494312.459761.jpg
  8. Very nice congrats
  9. Yay! Studded Zippy! Congrats! :biggrin:
  10. I'm about 5'4". I probably wouldn't wear it on the strap since it throws off the look the bag, I feel, though it'd be useful when you need your hands free.
  11. Are any other things coming out in the platine color without the studs?
  12. It's beautiful!! I am not a fan of accordion wallets but now I'm thinking I might should have gotten it. LOL
  13. Congrats it's beautiful.

    That makes three of us!!!
  14. I did ask the SA at the store I bought my items at yesterday. She went to go look in the book and when she came back she said it didnt' look like they were going to. But even she said that she honestly wouldn't be surprised if more items showed up next year since they haven't gotten the look book for 2016 yet. I overheard another SA talking to her client/friend that the look book should be out probably within the next month. So who knows.