Louis Vuitton Joins SAKSFIRST

  1. Just received my Saks credit card statement and it says:

    Louis Vuitton joins SAKSFIRST

    All Louis Vuitton purchases are now eligible for SAKSFIRST points*

    *Louis Vuitton purchases are only available for SAKSFIRST base points and SAKSFIRST double points. Louis Vuitton purchases are not available for for SAKSFIRST triple points.

    Wish Saks sold LV online as my store doesn't.
  2. ^^^ you can call any lv store in a Saks and buy your item and ask them to ship it....i'm sure you'll be able to buy your item and get your points... juat a thought
  3. How do I know which SAKS carry LV?
  4. Wow! Thanks for the post.
  5. Bumping up for info on a SAKS that has LV (and a great selection at that).
  6. Saks at Troy Michigan has it... Also, if you don't have it in your state, you don't have to pay tax... which saves a lot when you purchase stuff from LV...=)
  7. the saks on michigan ave in chicago carries lv
  8. saks at 5th ave nyc carries it too =]
  9. Thanks ladies! I do have a Saks in my state (the just don't have LV). Does anyone have a SA they would
  10. Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA has LV
  11. The Saks LV thing is weird in terms fo sales tax. For example, I've purchased from Saks LV in IL and no sales tax...and then at Saks OH and got charged sales tax. Apparently I was told it all depends on whether that state has an agreement with your state...or something like that!

    If I purchase from regular Saks...then I get no sales tax charged no matter what state. It's really weird!
  12. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Whats the triple point deal?????
  13. That's nice to know!
  14. hmm, ok...did i get this right?

    first, you have to double check if the lv item is available at a saks lv in your state

    if the item you want is not available in your state, and you purchase it from a saks lv out of state, you dont have to pay tax

    if you item you want is available in your state, what happens? will the out of state lv charge you tax?

    but the out of state saks lv will only charge you tax if that state doesnt have an agreement with your state (i.e. Saks lv in IL has an agreement, but Saks lv in OH does not)

    If I purchase from regular Saks...then I get no sales tax charged no matter what state.

    hmm...am i making this more complicated than it really is? :confused1:
  15. Get it at Saks Fifth Avenue NYC. Not only do they sell LV, but if they ship out of state, its NO TAX.