Louis Vuitton jewelry downer

  1. I was at LV yesterday hoping something would strike my fancy, and I admit I'm quite in love with the Bulles Monogram Pendant at 650.00 :nuts:, but I left LV with a since of what's next concerning their jewelry line.

    Does anyone else feel like instead of bringing out new items they just keep reissuing old items in different colors?

    I understand the inclusions and have developed an addiction to them, but they do it with everything else, too!

    The Sweet Monogram has yet another colorway!
    Even the new A La Folie line is coming out in Pink.
    And the Bulles line while lovely is just another take on their Bubbles line from earlier. :push:

    More lines, not more redux LV!
  2. I haven't seen the Bulles mono pendant yet. I know what you mean though about everything being a repeat. I wish they would come out with some new stuff!!
  3. Oh wow, I just went to look for this necklace on the website and it's really pretty!!! There's also a longer version for $1160 :wtf:
  4. A La Folie in PINK ???
    wow, i hope someone posts pics of this !!!!
    sounds yummy !!
  5. Oh, I have seen the Bulles line....I didn't love it because it's purple. I wish it was a more neutral color.
  6. LOL yeah I figured I could buy a lovely bag for 1160 or something in real gold ;)
  7. I have this necklace and I get so many compliments on it. I know it's pricey but I really like it

    003.jpg heartmiroir2.jpg
  8. That necklace is really amazing, i agree :yes:
  9. Maybe it's a downer cause you've already got all the good pieces ? :graucho:

    You were my inspiration for bubbles (seriously) ! Sadly, my closet seems to have eaten my bubbles ring.
  10. ITA that LV's newer items aren't terribly "fresh"- seems like they're discontinuing some great products just to replace them with inferior versions or rereleases of previous "seasonal" items :sad:
  11. Awwwh :heart:

    I think I'll have to wage a war with you closet now :biggrin:

    :lol: I'm hoping that's not the case and there are much prettier things in the waiting room. My can't-be-bothered-to-care-about-fashion DH even noticed the trend. You know it's dire now ;)
  12. Oh i love the LV jewlery