Louis Vuitton Jelly Shoes!

  1. I have just read about some LV jelly shoes for £160 but I can't find them anywhere. Does anybody know where I can get hold of them or what they look like. I loooovveee jelly shoes and would love a pair! Thanks
  2. jelly shoes? like the ones from the 80s? ..........!!!!
  3. Or do you mean like sandals.
  4. I had a pair of Marc Jacobs jelly shoes last spring and they were so uncomfortable. The plastic just sticks to the skin. ick!
  5. is it the blue ones you are thinking of? flat are £165 and the come in a wedge heel also. theyv just come out for the summer. the blue are very nice. they are on the LV site now under sandals
  6. The only ones I can think of at the moment are the Spa Mules.
  7. Jellies? i remember those from when I was little! They always used to give me blisters though....:cursing:
  8. OH! I saw them last month @ Harrods. Not sure whether they are still have them in stock now.
  9. I have the spa mules in blue...
  10. I've got white and black multi of the spa shoes and altho they are comfortable, I absolutely hate the way they look on! So not flattering as they are very wide.
    I saw that Marc Jacobs put out more this season in the jelly style so it is definitely probable LV would have some too since their lines have been synonomous in the past for the two companies under one designer. (Manhattan GM and MJ Venetia- dejavu!! lol)

    There are also some other big brands putting out Jellies, just like the ones that the rocks used to get stuck in and your feet would have the imprint of them when you were a kid!! lmao :hysteric:

    Here's MJ's jelly -

    I am SO liking the ballet style, but can't imagine how sweaty and sticky our cute feetsies will be in those shoes! Eww!

    Go to the sites like Saks and Neimans and type in Jelly. Tons of stuff comes up in shoes! From Kate Spade to Prada, they're jumping in the jelly fad again. Need to break out the Jelly Kelly bags again this summer? lmao :yahoo:

    I saw them in gold from a big name but can't remember which!

    Stuart Weitzman always has THE cutest jellies. I love the bling! I have some pink slip ons of these but I got them at Walmart for 9 bucks. The SW version was over $120 and altho I am sure I would have liked his better, I never got around to wearing them anyway.


    Here are LV's that are on the Vuitton.com site. Tons of colors!
  11. As other's have said, do you mean the spa mules? They are from about 3 years ago. I finally got some after a long search. I love them!
  12. Do you mean these? They're not sold online in the UK.


  13. Oh man, jelly shoes used to kill my feet so bad when I was a kid, but I loved them anyway. Ha ha ha...and I remember the rocks getting stuck in the soles too! Also, the end of the shoe would start coming apart after a few wears.
  14. The spa mules are totally uncomfortable, I've got a couple of pairs, black and white MC, but I've only worn them a few times, 'cause they hurt my feet. I generally don't like to wear plastic shoes, since they don't breathe.