Louis Vuitton Jeans?!

  1. I don't know about women's, but they are a permanent part of the men's collection world-wide. I have a pair and they are absolutely great. They are about $500.
  2. I've seen jeans at the LV store in SF.
  3. Yeah they have some at the SCP store too.
  4. I like the pockets, but not the material. Looks cheap.
  5. Hmmmm .... first time I've seen LV jeans. :confused1:
  6. :yes: me too
  7. O.o really!? Then I want a pair!
  8. Actually there was a pair in the mens s/s 2006 catalog with the same fleur and color jean and it was $400.00. It had a matching jacket which was $640.00 I bought the jacket lol its in my colleciton thread ;)

    VERRRRRRY nice though. The color looks so different in all types of light!
  9. my jacket

  10. sorry for the retarded pic lol im on my mac and im not very "mac savy" haha
  11. Nice jacket, man!

    Jeans have been avaliable for a while now at Vuitton - you guys have never seen it before?

    They even have a mono jean in black for $750 - which is a bargain considering a tiny denim bag costs just as much - too bad the cutting is weird.

  12. I tried them on in London last summer they are nice but I don't like their cut/shape, lol
  13. I LOOVE my jacket! I dont wear it that much but I will soon hopefully ;)
  14. I have a pair of Corsaire Jeans with Monograms all over it. They're old from a while ago but I love wearing it in the Summer. I will say that they are cut a little tighter than most of my other jeans, but it does give me a better shape overall :p