Louis Vuitton Japanese Cartoon!!

  1. Seen that a couple of times but thank you anyway :flowers:
  2. i haven't seen it yet...thanks :smile:
  3. It is very cute....Like Alice in Wonderland :balloon:
  4. That is sooooo cute!! I totally love how the throat is damier!
  5. Thanks for sharing. It was cute! :smile:
  6. :heart: I really thank you for sharing...
    You gave me some minutes in which I felt in a fairy tale...:yes:

    I appreciate your little gift, thank you!
    :kiss: Stephanie.
  7. Thanks babe! It's really KAWA-EEEE!! Arikato!:jammin:
  8. I love it .... thanks for sharing :flowers:

    I've seen the DVD pop up on eBay a couple of time, but the price was always over $100 :s Great collectible though :yes:
  9. I saw it many times and I love it!
  10. It's my first time seeing it, thank you!
  11. OMG!!!! That totally made my day, and it needed to be made!!! Have never seen it and ADORE it, thank you! especially since I have all the characters in my hair pins... Thanks a million gajillion
  12. did you guys read the comments on the cartoon? they said it was satirical, i was just wondering what you guys thought about that?
  13. That is so cute.
  14. ...UP!:yes:

    (to wonderful to go down so quickly...)