Louis Vuitton Japan purchase!

  1. it's not what you think--I bought this for my mommy, but I think I might want to read it myself! :flowers: it was on sale 50% off at my bookstore. Kyojiro Hata writes about the building of the brand in Japan and shows us pictures (but not enough)
  2. I´ve seen that and thought about ordering it sometime!
  3. I have it!
  4. Could you both tell me more about this book? What kind of book is it, does it focus on the financial side of LV or something else?
  5. The cover is so cute!
  6. Ooh! The cover so sweets...
  7. it is mostly about how LV became so big in Japan and thus in the world. it is rather about marketing, why the japanese like LV, on which things LV focused in order to make people like it, a little bit about the pricing, lot's about the distribution channel...
  8. Thank you sw0pp!
  9. Thanks!
  10. I have it too! Its was part of my research paper I wrote on LV.
  11. Wow! This is very interesting for me, I'm a marketing psychologist and I work for a luxury lifestyle magazine...
    I Love LV and I would like to know as much as possible... may we remain in contact?
    What do you wrote about?
    Perhaps that book will interest me...
  12. love it. Great idea for one of my best friends who loves LV.
  13. OK how and where can I get one??
  14. amazon!