1. Hi all. I was wondering if you know if this Jack & Lucie key chain is a super collectible. It looks like all of a sudden people are paying almost double for what the chain originally sold for in Fall '06. Does anyone knows what gives?
  2. I've seen them go for about what they retailed for too. You just have to watch eBay. There is sometimes that one person that REALLY wants it. Also sometimes there are bidders that don't pay...and shill bidding.
  3. Same here, I'm glad I got mine. My mom originally only wanted the orange/white one to give me for my birthday in 2006, but they sent her the brown/tan instead (but got the orange/white one too). Luckily she kept the brown/tan and gave it to me for Christmas that year lol.
    As for the eBay pricing, I know there have been a lot of TPFers looking for them recently, that could be it too.
  4. Thanks for the info you guys. It just seems weird there is such a demand and it isn't even Halloween! :wtf:
  5. I also think because they are so unique that gets more people interested and helps to drive the price up even more!
  6. Other than it being cute in itself, it's super collectible if you're a fan of Nightmare before Christmas (NBC):smile:
    As you know, tons of NBC memorabilia are still being produced everywhere!
  7. I love it and have been trying to get one but nobody wants to ship it to Singapore... :crybaby:
  8. It is all about supply & demand.....they sat in the store here for ages and finally they have sold out...they are very cute:heart:
  9. When it first came out, I would've never thought that it'd be as desirable as it is now- always thought it'd be too much of a seasonal item. Then again it's original retail is a bargain compared to the prices of newer keychains.
  10. My favorite holiday is Halloween, so I had to have one :smile:
  11. I think it appeals to a very wide audience. And sometimes things just catch on, like the heart purses. It's hard to predict.
  12. i am still waiting to get one at a reasonable price....i am new ot LV recently and thus miss the chance ot buy at retails..:crybaby:
  13. Does anyone mind posting a pic?
  14. Here you go:
  15. Super duper cute! I love them so! :drool::drool::heart::heart::love::love: