Louis Vuitton is now a 'brand for secretaries' in China

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  1. Dangit, I've been trying for 10 minutes to come up with something better than this, but I can't. You win!

    OMG this needs to be on a t-shirt.
  2. #77 Feb 28, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
    "Why should I be insulted to wear something another working woman wears?"

    I will be totally, blatantly honest. I don't care one bit what women in China carry or like. Why on earth would their opinion matter to me? I like what I like and if a secretary or a maid in China, or Russia, or France, or Brazil, or USA or Kenya carries one, good for them. Why should I be insulted to wear something another working woman wears?

    THIS is how we women crush each other and ourselves. We insult each other over this kind of petty crap...instead of complimenting one another, which is why I love TPF. Women on here look great and rock their bags. I support that...whether you spent $10 or $100,000. Some of the hottest women I have ever seen are wearing no brands at all. They are still gorgeous and amazing. I wish we could support each other a little more instead of cutting each other down. Cutting down other women is a sign of low class. You can buy Hermes, but you can't buy class.

    And...How many of these ladies commenting in this article actually made the money they are spending?? (not from husband, not from daddy). If a secretary is working hard to buy something she likes, I respect her more any day of the week. I don't have a lot of respect for women who throw other people's money away and then brag about it.
  3. I just LoVe LV and I will continue to buy no matter what they do or say in China/Asia or actually anywhere else. I buy them because I love the style, look, name, quality and they hold their value.
  4. I totally agree with you. That's why this article is so sad. It's the norm of society and it made headline. It's huge for Asian. It's always about what brand of cars you use or what brand of handbags you carry. We shouldn't let rich snobby people dictate what's we like. I wish it wasn't that way, but sadly it is.
  5. In my humble little town…. I've never seen anything like it here. This was taken on what we call boxing day (26th Dec). Weird, considering that Gucci had been on sale for nearly a month. There was an equally huge line outside LV and Chanel was packed to the rafters and I was the only non asian person in the store. Anyway I finally got to visit Prada (no line outside).

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  6. A) I certainly agree with you about not judging anyone. I respect anyone who puts in an honest days work in ANY capacity!

    and B ) I'm not married, never have been, and my father gave me $200/year for clothes when I was a teenager in the 80's. He, along with my grandparents, did however give me a strong appreciation for education, hard work and financial responsibility. Which is why I can treat myself to the things I do.
  7. I just freaked out because I bought a Prada Compendium for my Ipad and a pair of shoes recently and I am so against buying 'made in China'… So I hurriedly looked for the tags and :sweatdrop: they both say made in 'Italy'… :tup:This is one of the reasons that I no longer buy Burberry. Too much is made in China, Romania and so forth.
  8. ahahahah, when I go in to the store, my lovely SA takes me behind the counter and I get her onto the forum and we have a bit of a giggle. She gets to see what bags are up and coming as the info around the Pacific is very limited. :biggrin:

  9. What part of the world is this? =o
  10. Hi Tulipfield, I live in Perth, Western Australia:biggrin:

  11. Ah~ jealous of your weather! XD
  12. It happens in Canada too on boxing day, except the higher end retailers don't have a sale. Spending of xmas money perhaps?
  13. Yikes...I wouldn't want to wait in that line. :amazed:
    Feel sorry for some who have no choice to wait, if they are tourist.

  14. Reminds me of the line in front of LV at Siam Paragon in Bangkok. It is like that EVERY day. If you are not a known client, you must wait in line to go inside. That store is a mob scene.
  15. Mmmm..., I wonder if the billionaire Chinese lady complaining about LV being too common, must have become "billionaire" by owning an LV counterfeit ring? Lol;) Thanks to China, millions of Vuitton counterfeit bags and goods are spewed into Asia, US and Europe, contributing to dilute the LV trademark and making the monogram too familiar.
    Yes, I also agree that no matter how much money someone can have, it will not buy style and elegance! Personally I love LV as it is my most preferred brand. Who cares if other people like it or not?