Louis Vuitton is now a 'brand for secretaries' in China

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  1. Lol this is funny

    Lol your post is very

  2. If most people cared where things were made the Prada Saffiano Tote made in China would not be the most popular Prada bag.

    Lavvin would not be selling boots made in China.

    Burberry would not be selling bags made in China.
    More people would have turned their backs on these "Luxury" brands once they
    found out they are being made in China, but, that is just not
    the case. Some have.. MORE need to.

    Most people here do care, but, not as many as one would hope.

    Look at Louis Vuitton, they can't even be bothered with matching the
    hardware on handbags, or making sure the hardware does not chip or peel.
    for over $1,000 they can't furnish bags with real brass?

    We know this, yet still buy the bags.
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    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
    I just got the multicolor alma. I even had reservations about being dated but when I got it it was lvoe at first site.
  4. ... then stop buying I guess... I don't know what to tell you. I haven't had a problem yet.
  5. Congrats!!
    I think it's dated BUT I think it's beautiful.
    Like a work of art!!
  6. People at Louis Vuitton must love to browse TPF ...
    I mean... They must find us HILARIOUS!!!
  7. Hm. I used that term but I certainly didn't mean it in relation to secretaries. I was speaking in general about people who might think others in a certain income bracket are low-class. I really don't use the term "low-class" at all actually...typing in a hurry and not choosing my words properly is more likely. Apologies to all secretaries out there. I put myself through undergraduate school working as one myself!
  8. Oh nooooo, definitely not trash. Maybe boring or too classic but not trash.
  9. Yes. Somebody out there does think it's trash.
    Just like somebody thinks that my Cartier ring is trash. Or that a Ferrari is trash etc... Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether we like it or not!
  10. Thank you. I was planning on getting the pochette but it fell through. I'm so happy the pochette didn't work out now.
  11. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    But im talking about a style and perception one's outfit gives to the world.
    When we buy a certain item we do shop to make a certain statement about ourselves. But the perception will be different based on personal culture and experience, education, age and etc. Some will see a Ferrari as simply a hot car, and others will question the owner's self esteem.
  12. I do agree with that. I believe every purchase reflects the desire to be perceived a certain way - or to belong in a certain group.

    It's completely unconscious behavior but that's the entire basis of marketing.
  13. Wait... wait... the funnier response from me would have been...

    Didn't you say you were a teacher? Well you must teach Ancient History if you'd carry that bag! *zing*
  14. I love handbags and accessories. I fell in love with the Birkin from the movie "the proposal" not realizing who made it and how much it cost. The rest of hermes stuff I don't care for. So even if I was a billionaire I won't go out and buy hermes just because it's what rich people use. I like a bag from lv. I'll buy from lv. ThE only bag i love from chanel is reissue 255. I like tory burch until I purchased some poor quality products made in China. That was the end of my relationship with tory.
    It is sad that this article is true. I'm a little embarrassed being Asian myself.
    I do agree that money can't buy elegance. Either you have it or you don't. Holding an expensive bag won't make a difference. It's a handbag not a magic wand.
  15. This made me laugh, good one!