Louis Vuitton is now a 'brand for secretaries' in China

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  1. Yes, unfortunately some people can b snobby. If celebrities still carry LV, I don't understand why they think of themselves better than those rich celebs

    Every1 is entitled to buy whatever bag or brand they like. Regardless of their professions, its their hard earned money or well deserved money from loving hubby

    Let's not make life complicated...let's continue to buy n wear whatever we love
  2. Jeez that's crazy a brand loved in the states by so many is a "typical" item in China?!! I love my Iv items so dearly. I have a great job but went thru loads of schooling to afford them. China must be paying there secretaries a nice salary!
  3. OMG This old thread is back!!! 😱😱😱😱

  4. it keeps being resurrected.

  5. This thread needs to fall down the hole of no return. It's just depressing!
  6. Hahaha. 😃
    You gave me a good laugh.
  7. Mr. Bone's Crazy Ride Never Ends. :death:
  8. I can't believe it to be true in Communist China. Maybe in Japan.
  9. Secrataries are hard workers who have to be organized. What about society has made people think secretaries or China or a secretary from China would somehow make my LV less desirable? I don't know I bet I would have some awesome fun hanging out with these Chinese secrataries shopping for LV. :P
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  10. Bravo bravo!!!!!! I'm a secretary...... Well I'm the really an office manager. But the majority of my work is secretarial.
  11. I thought the same thing. It just needs to go away for good!
  12. Let's take a vote...
    Admins take it down!🏻🏻️🏻