Louis Vuitton is now a 'brand for secretaries' in China

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  1. This thread is like a Kardashian. Just when you think it's down and out it somehow continues to remain relevant.
  2. I thought it was extremely impolite to use the word "secretaries" . Sorry guys just goofing around.

    I guess they had nothing better to write about.
  3. Haha
  4. I totally agree with you 100%! Money does not buy you elegance. I also don't think what you wear shows your true status. Honestly, someone could be carrying a ton of luxury brands on them but they could be broke because they use their credit cards to do that or all their savings. Not all wealthy wear brands on them. Someone could be a billionaire but wears an average consumers brand.

    We need to stop buying luxury items for the wrong reason. If you love items and for the reasons of the brand, material, company, services, etc. that's great. If you are purchasing to show off, just don't because I don't feel like you appreciate the work that these designers actually take the time to design and make. It takes a long time to come up with specific designs and to satisfy the consumers market but to stay true to their own design/style as a fashion designer. We need to show respect.
  5. This discussing reminds me of an OOTD I saw on here. I'm not a fan of MK bags because everyone around here has one, so I've never been compelled to purchase one even though many are cute. However, one gal posted an OOTD with her MK bag, and she looked so fabulous that it made me want one just like her.

    I think the same can be said for any bag, even LV in China.
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    I just don't care anymore if anybody think my bags are pedestrian. I'm not Chinese, I don't live in China, and I'm not a secretary although if I was, I'd do that job with pride like I did all my other jobs with pride. I love how lightweight my mono and damier canvas bags are, and I will keep using them because they look classic, weighs nothing and are built like tanks. If people want to make assumptions about me or my financial situation because I carry my speedy b instead of my birkin (have any of them ever carried a b35 full of stuff??), that's their prerogative. My heart still skips a beat when I see someone with a mono speedy, just like it does when I see a birkin or kelly in the wild.
  7. just when i decided to collect LV goods
  8. Why would anybody care that much about others buying habits for me to stop my own hobby?

    I'm glad ppl of china likes LV and their job doesn't matter in relation to LV~~

    I really don't get the topic~

    I don't think too deeply about accessories~~not that kind of way anyway~~
  9. I can see the point in the article re: fakes in China - they are literally everywhere! And you can get some pretty decent looking fakes for next to nothing.
  10. Lol.
  11. I just saw this thread in its entirety. First off It made me mad. I don't much care if you make your money as a secretary, teaching, singing, acting, or for lack of a better phrase, laying flat on your back. Money is money. It all spends. Right down to the nasty pennies. So, I say, buy what you like....what gives you butterflies....what trips your trigger, what floats your boat, what wets your whistle, what rings your bell, what creams the jeans ( ok the last one was gross, ;/ ). I don't personally Like Chanel....I think it looks like an Oldsmobile blue hair should carry it, I don't like Fendi, or Prada, truthfully not Birkin, not MK, not Coach. I like Gucci a little......but I LVOE
    LVOE LVOE Louis Vuitton.. I love the Damier Ebene, the Empriente, and the Vernis. I love their small leather goods, scarves, bag charms. The whole shuttin shootin match. I love it all. I personally can afford any of the other brands, but only LV has worked their way into my heart and Pocket..:graucho:

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    I totally agree with you!

    It is amazing to me how much our society equalizes money and income with class and sense of self-worth. So secretaries earn less than some banksters, therefore they are “low class”? It’s a terrible attitude to have.

    I am glad that secretaries in China earn well enough to afford the bags of their choice. I assume that they are busy, hard working women and I welcome their vote of confidence for the brand. Come to think of it, I don’t judge the prostitutes either. Just because they sell their bodies, they are not entitled to good fashion sense? They should get whatever they want and be happy with it. Period.

    It’s funny how people try to build up their low self esteem with statements, which imply that they are somehow “better” through what they buy or not buy. There is no better or worse, there is just what you like and what makes you happy.
  14. 👍
  15. Actually LV in China is quite expensive. The Alma Vernis PM is 18,000 RMB which is 2,815 USD, that is why there are so many Chinese buying LV in Europe.