Louis Vuitton is now a 'brand for secretaries' in China

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  1. Lol! Bai Ling was the first name that sprang to my mind.
  2. this!!!!
  3. a consignment store i went to did say that there are a lot of people trying to sell their lvs because it was common but it still was not selling. and that nobody wanted lv.
  4. That's surprising, I'm always amazed at how fast they move off of Yoogis.
  5. Where is this store? I want to know so I can hoard all the LVs to myself.
  7. Hi guys! Please be reminded that politics or discussions of religious nature are not permitted. :ty:
  8. It seems to me that certain ultra rich are saying that LVs are too cheap and accessible. If they don't like it they should buy a different $30k Birkin bag (or whatever the price is.) for every day of the month. I can promise you that my peasant self could/would never afford that. However, LVMH is still in the business of making money and realize that it is far more profitable for them to sell 100,000 $1000 bags than 20 $30,000 bags. So criticize LV as much as they want, I don't see LV pricing themselves out of the broader market.
  10. When I post my LV on ebay it usually sells within a couple days, sometimes within hours. I just lost out on a roses speedy that literally sold within 10 minutes of being listed.

    So I'm not sure where you're located where "nobody wants LV" even in Los Angeles where LV is totally ubiquitous, people still want it.

    Me too. I can sell the ones I don't want on ebay. :lol:

  11. LV's quality, durability, design, and beauty never fail me either. I tried to move to Balenciaga and I regret it big time.
  12. Any Chinese secretaries wishing to unload their not in vogue LV bags can kindly do so my way!

  13. 😂😂😂 same here!!!!
  14. I never haver had any problems selling any of my old bags .. They keep their value more than most other brands ( not talking Hermes ) I won't ever be paying 30,000 for a bag ! If you can afford that great but I'll put that kind of money toward a newer car ! Lol