Louis Vuitton is now a 'brand for secretaries' in China

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  1. Yes, but when enough of those vulgar people are carrying a certain item, it stains that item. Regardless of whether that perception is fair. Or true.

    The same types of people who would find a Louis Vuitton bag to be low class would without question also think the same of a Birkin, full stop. Your thinking in the wrong direction.
  2. Yes, Yes, Yes...to everything in this post and the bolded line.

  3. When I lived in Vegas in the 80's, the Speedy was the bag of choice for strippers. Showgirls all carried Chanel flaps.
    Being neither ( and shorter to boot) I purchased a Gucci Boston. It was a great bag but never what I really wanted.
    Fast forward to my 50th bday. I bought the LV I always wanted and I don't care WHO doesn't like it.
    Class is how you carry yourself and behave towards others.
  4. yes!
  5. Well yay for the secretaries then, I say. They work hard and deserve a nice bag!

    I'm a schoolteacher so I guess I'm helping to lower the exclusivity of the brand as well. Sorry everyone! :graucho:
  6. +1 to both!
  7. Ha, ha, ha! Yeah, only the 1 percent can have nice handbags. That way of thinking does sound silly. :urock: I guess they can chase other brands hoping we won't like them too if it makes them feel special or superior. :lolots:

  8. This is very true…

  9. Kim Kardashian has become the face of Birkin… You would think with so
    many people hating her, that fewer people would be wanting Hermes bags,
    however, that is just not the case at all…

    The USA and Europe are not Class/ Caste Societies…
    There is no longer the belief that the wealthy can have things
    the Upper Middle class can not.
    Credit Cards changed all that. :biggrin:

    and while many people find Louis Vuitton Mono common,
    Many people including myself, still find it a classic. It has done something that no other brand has done
    other than Hermes, and that is keep a bag in their collection
    that has been there for over 40 years.
    Of course a LOT of women own Louis Vuitton Speedy bags..
    They have been selling this bag for generations. Strangely, even though
    it has been sold for decades, it is still a classic, more so than
    Balenciaga City Bags… That was just a trend, and now, it looks dated…
    Chloe also dated… Lanvin. Dated…
    Chanel, Classic.. Of course this is just my opinion of these brands.

    People need to stop worrying about who is carrying what bags, stop worrying
    about what other people think…
    and buy what makes them happy. Stop being the followers.
  10. I'd like to request they sell all their LV so I can buy them used on layaway at Fashionphile. Kthanksbye!

    No seriously, it sounds like I'm being witchy but I'm really just kidding. I don't mind at all if there are people with more wealth than I who think LV is low-class or for the common folk like me. Honestly, I'm not likely to run into any of these people anyway since I doubt we frequent the same restaurants, so to each his or her own, I say. If it bothers someone that all types of men/women carry LV, then that's more money for some other luxury brand to make, so yay for that label. No matter HOW pricey your handbag, there's always going to be someone out there who thinks yours is low-rent anyway. Personally, I know where my bracket is and I'm cool with it. I have so much more at this point in my life than I ever thought I'd have that I'm too busy being eternally grateful to be offended when someone doesn't want to be affiliated with me and my handbags. I get why people follow that line of thinking and let's face it, I have it to a lesser degree myself, because I'd rather buy a used Vuitton than a new Kors or Coach, so I can't pretend I'm not above the same attitude myself from time to time. ;)
  11. Actually here in Singapore, LV bags are also carried by the clerical staff or people in junior positions, even the epi and vernis line. Slightly less so for the Emprint line. That's why my staff are surprised I own so many LV bags and my Director told me I should not carry LV bags as they are carried by our clerks. I told them I happened to like these bags so I buy them.
  12. i agree with so many posts in this thread!

    and anyway, LV is such a classic brand with a rich heritage. the reason people have been buying monogram bags for decades shows that they stand the test of time. it will take more than silly comments about 'secretary bags' to sway my love for LV!

  13. LOVE these comments!

    +1 and +1

    Marey, will you be my friend? :flowers:
  14. Depends on what handbag you're carrying! :lol:

    Wow, that's amazing. I am wondering where you work that your Director is concerned about this, but maybe this happens more than I realize. Anyway yay for you to doing what you want!
  15. I love your comments here.
    We should carry what we love to carry, no matter what other people think about it.