Louis Vuitton is hiring an employment law attornney

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  1. Wonder if they give employee discounts. Wishful thinking
  2. They do.
  3. They have employee sales for end of season stock at huge discounts but of course they get the employee stamp on them post purchase.
  4. How huge is "huge"? Most says 30%, is this right? But can they buy anything or just certain things? At any time? What are the criteria?

    Employee stamp is just a dot next to the louis vuitton paris tag/heat-stamp right?
  5. Depends if its end of season or not they can get 50-75% off of end of season items. Such as shoes and seasonal accessories. The reason for this large discount is that remaining items are destroyed. If the purchase is not made during that period the savings are not that extraordinary. 30% sounds about right.
  6. employment law?! rats. not my specialty. :biggrin:
  7. Too bad I'm probate:sad:
  8. Too bad I'm only a 2L ... Maybe they need an intern?? Haha.
  9. I'm in advertising. They opened a pitch for their business though. Sadly, I was not invited.
  10. Damn, I was really hoping to apply for a job as a SA at my local LV store... Shame that the manager is a total snobby, arrogant b!tch (she is too daunting and intimidating to hand in my resume to!!)... And that's why I don't buy LV at Perth anymore.. thanks to her! :mad::bagslap::mad:
  11. Yeah that's about what I heard from my friend who works at lv. Each season they have a max quota they can purchase up to.