Louis Vuitton iPod Nano Case

  1. This thing is so nice, i ordered one and it should be here soon!!!

  2. Please post pics when it arrives. I'm thinking about getting one myself.
  3. the regular cles fits the nanos fine, and cost a bundle less. but i guess an actual case does the deed as well.
  4. I'm sure it's gorgeous- I've always wanted one but I can't stand the thought of spending that much money when I like to switch my ipods so frequently. oh I'm succumbing to the desire though!
  5. I thought of that too, but the D ring inside will scratch the Nano, plus I have an Agent 18 case on mine, so even though it will still fit, either way you can't have the headphones plugged in and use it while it's in the cles, since I walk and run alot I am getting the nano cover too. I need something to attach to my outfit, I just hope I get enough bday money!!!
  6. The Nano scratches either way.
  7. i think the case is really cute, i rushed and bought the original ipod and case, it works great but the design is really boring the newwer ones are great!
  8. Cute!
  9. Congrats.
  10. I love my LV mini ipod case. I wrap my pods in plastic so they dont scratch, I even did my mini in hologram pink wrap! No scratch!
  11. it's cool!
    do you think they also make 30giga ipod cases?!?
  12. Very cute! Enjoy! I have been thinking about one for me Nano as well, I can't wait to see your pics. :biggrin:
  13. I thought about getting one too. My parents got me a coach ipod case when I got the ipod nano (black) but it doesnt have a screen protector! What a freaking waste! :sad:
  14. Get a film screen protector.
  15. I had mine for 2 months before I bought the Agent 18 case and it never scratched.

    But why would you purposely let it get scratched with the D ring? Plus the headphones don't fit in the hole when it's in the cles.

    But to each their own. :biggrin: