Louis Vuitton Ipod cover

  1. Does anyone know if the LV mini ipod cover will fit a 4gig Ipod nano?

    [​IMG] cover for ipod mini.
    Ipod nano [​IMG]
  2. i think it might be a bit big for the nano...I know they have it monogram for the nano!! I have the nano but i dont like the monogram so tell me how it works out for you!
  3. yeah i'm not fancy on the mono one either :sad:
  4. It works! I have the mini cover and it works with my nano...the only thing is that the headset for the nano is at the bottom right as opposed to the top right...so the case isn't perfect for the nano...
  5. I've got the white MC mini cover and it barely fits my Mini Ipod! I was pretty upset that the vachetta inside got scuffed from me sliding the Ipod in and out of it! I guess over time they stretch out a bit, though.
  6. ok thank you.. i guess i will have to keep looking.