Louis Vuitton In the Bottom

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  1. Why Is the Link for Louis Vuitton On the Bottom on the main page....??
    Its bothering me... lol
    maybe they are trying to get more people to view the other designer's...:confused1:
  2. ?
    I just went to the main page and there was no ad{?}
    I have no idea I guess?
    Can you link teh exact page?
  3. It is in alpha. order now, but they should put it back to how it was before, the more visited ones at the top!!!
  4. oh, okay. . . I didn't understand.
    I'll move this to feedback Dropbox for you since it's a Forum question, not an LV topic.
  5. lol yes i instinctively clicked on the first sub forum link, since it's become habit...got led to the balenciaga forum and was like :confused1:
  6. Yeah me too...I was mighty confused, until I realised tptb apparently re-organised the order of fora alphabetically now.
  7. I think they had it in order of popularity now its in order of the alphabet.
  8. exactly ... I was so confused this morning ... lol ... I always could find my way there while being half asleep .... today I look and first think I see is Balenciaga ... For a second I thought LV was completely down :wtf: :p
  9. I noticed this, too. I am not personally digging this new style. I think the forums should be put back in order of popularity,
  10. i was perplexed at first too, but after the initial confusion it made more sense this way (to me anyway)...maybe that's just b/c i automatically look alphabetically at lists. :smile:
  11. I don't really see why it matters what order they are in. The sub-forum is there......good enough, eh?
  12. :yes:
  13. :yes:
  14. Shoot... alphabetical order is such a bummer when it was invented!!!! :roflmfao:

    Guys, it is the same forum, in the same section, in a different order... is there really a huge difference???

    If you REALLY think there is one, let us know- I would be happy to take any suggestions!
  15. ITA! :yes:

    It did confuse me when I first logged on today, too! I was like, where is LV? Then, I figured it out. No big.