Louis Vuitton in Rome

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  1. Hi all

    I am heading to Rome at the beginning of May and consider treating myself to my first LV wallet, an Alexandra ️

    Is the LV boutique in Rome well in stock and do you know how much it would cost duty free (I live outside the EU)?

    Further, how long would it take to get it heat stamped?

    Thanks in advance!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460713182.348481.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460713194.218369.jpg
  2. The price will be 525€ minus 22%, so roughly 410€ (at the moment about 460$).
    I'm not sure if Rome is different, but the time it takes depends on whether the person doing it is at the store permanently, and of course on how much traffic is going on. Hth

    Enjoy Rome, it's a gorgeous city and so pleasant to visit!!

  3. Thank you do much!
  4. I just came back from Rome! The VAT refund is 12%. There are 2 stores in Rome, and both do hot stamping. The Rome Etiole location is larger, so you will probably have a better chance of finding the item there. But if they don't have it at that location, they can check in the system for you to see if the via Condotti location carries it.

    I recommend bringing a picture of the item since the names can differ in different countries and it's easier to show them what you want instead of trying to describe it. The SAs are VERY helpful and they speak some English but I found that pictures were very useful. Also, they get a lot of Japanese tourists, so their inventory numbers change very rapidly. Especially on the new items!

    As for hot stamping, it took about 30 minutes to get the item done at the Rome Etiole location, as long as the person is in.

  5. That sounds great! Thank you so much for the intel, I wasn't aware that they had two stores
  6. Sorry, wasn't aware that it's only 12% VAT (22% is the standart) for these items. So you'll end with 460€ or 515$. The name should be the same, though, but a picture is definitely a brilliant idea.
  7. 22% is what they take, but you only get a portion of he taxes back. It's 12% if you get it on your credit card or 10.8% if you want cash back at the airport
  8. The LV store near the Spanish Steps is beautiful!!! Enjoy Rome!
  9. You can always call CS ahead of time and check the inventory for both stores. They should be able to tell you whether or not the store is well-stocked or even maybe have one put aside if you're specific on the date and time of your visit...not sure if the larger stores, especially the ones in tourist hotspots, can do this although the smaller ones can. Never hurts to ask!
  10. No problem! I hope you enjoy your trip! I loved it there!