Louis Vuitton in Orlando

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  1. So I am super excited because I am actually going to be in a city that has a Louis Vuitton store!!! I have to order everything online. So I get to actually try on everything on my "watch" list. Lol. Artsy empriente, regular artsy, stresa, evora and lumi!

    I believe Orlando has more than one store so I was wondering of there is a better store?? With good sa? Thanks for any help on this!
  2. Good luck to you my friend !!!
    Store experience is amazing than
    on line :P can u please hug for me
    Empriente Artsy in aube and ohhhhh
    Kisses to ms : Evora DE ;) lol
  3. Have a great time. Report back and let us know how your shopping experience was... And maybe a reveal? Haha.
  4. There is only one store at mall at Millenia. There was a LV at Saks at Florida Mall, but no more. :sad:
    Talk to Morgan, she is the bestest! :smile:
    Enjoy the trip!
    There are a couple of awesome factory outlets near by! :smile:
  5. Thanks y'all. I am hoping not to have a reveal. Lol. I committed not to buy anything until November for my birthday. My DB is not convinced I will make it out the store alone. Lol. I want to make sure I order the right thing in November.

    My sweet queen, are you ramping up for another artsy? I will give her sweet hugs for you. Lol
  6. Omg !!! Can't afford it right now ;(
    I would love to have one empriente aube ;)
    but, I can't justify spending another $$$$$
    This year !!! Wahhhhhhhh please hug her
    tight for me :roflmao:
  7. :roflmfao: I will hug her tight but when you see me on the news for obsessed customer, you have to promise to bail me out. Lol
  8. Hahahahaha bail boyz is there for u !!! Lol
  9. Mariah there is a doll. Have fun and show your reveal
  10. Lmboooooooo
  11. I know her, she's sweet! :smile:
  12. Oooooh thanks for the tip. And the heads up re Saks. I saw two on my google search. Good to know it was faulty.
  13. Ask for Jeremy!