Louis Vuitton in Milan?

  1. silly question

    is thier a Louis Vuitton in the Milan airport or just in the city???
  2. According to the LV site there are two in Milan (neither in the airport).

    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


    Via Montenapoleone, 2
  3. No in the airport. I went to the one on Via Montenapolenone once. Two story store, super nice.
  4. Speaking of LV in Milan, is it still a better deal to buy your LV in Italy than in the US/Canada? I bought my Papillon there and saved around $150 by buying it there a few years ago... II'm heading to Italy in Spring 2006 and wonder if I should save for a shopping trip at LV again?!
  5. I only buy LV in Italy when I go every year, seems that I don't feel as bad spending money when I'm away on a trip and it's not in my home currency :biggrin: ...not sure if it's that much cheaper though.
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