Louis Vuitton in DevilWearsPrada movie

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  1. Hi all, I was just wondering if there were any interesting LV's in that movie.

    I realize I am many monthes behind on this question but maybe someone remembers any LV's: What scene / Which item

  2. The only one i noticed was at the end, I think it was a mezzo of some sort... i could be wrong
  3. Hey, Is this the Devil Wears Prada LV club :nuts: ! I would love to Join !. Ive not watched the movie yet but when I do, I will see if any of my LV matches anything in it and then I will Join !. :smile:
  4. There was a Coat...it was the only one I noticed...

  5. Well, there's the bell boy in the groom collection!! :nuts::roflmfao:
  6. hehehehehe!:yes:
  7. exactly what I thought :P
  8. hahhaa...I didn't even notice that!!:lol::lol:
  9. hahaha! that is a good one!
  10. how funny! :lol:
  11. I saw it last night at the cinemas but was disappointed that there wasn't a lot of LV :crybaby: . However, I was totally drooling at the Chanel necklaces that Anne was wearing, they were so gorgeous :love:
  12. me too!!!! once again, another "if i was a girl" thing! lol
  13. I would have loved to hear Miranda say "Matt and John? Pick up my trunk and coats from LV, and then go get Patricia?" :drool:

    [The line is: "Pick up my shoes from Blahnik... and then go get Patricia?"]
  14. Just caught the movie and did not notice any LVs. I do not recall seeing that scene (above) with the bellboy?! The only LV I caught was at the end when Miranda was in the Merc driving off, there was a guy passerby carrying the Abesses.

    Movie was good, highly recommended, but no sign of LV at all not even in Paris. LV should have sponsored something, that would have been gd publicity.
  15. Ha haha... Karen left me this comment on MySpace RIGHT AFTER I finished reading this thread!!! :lol:

    (Andy with a L'Ingenieux)

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