Louis Vuitton in Bloomingdales store -- Loyalist rewards cards

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  1. Hello,

    Anyone know if you can use the loyalist rewards cards points from their credit card to use towards Louis Vuitton items ?
    I read on different posts that they would take Bloomingdales gift cards for LV items...

    But what about the loyalist reward cards ?
    If yes... does the bloomingdales stores take call in orders ?
    I tried to call the LV bloomingdales... but went to a call center.
  2. I get thru to the LV store by calling Bloomies main number. Then I ask operator for Louis Vuitton. I get them directly in Bloomies and Saks. I’ve used gift cards from American Exoress at these stores but not sure about Loyalists points. I think prob not tho.
  3. I have a total of $150 Loyalist reward. I have 6 x $25 rewards with the first one expiring March 31. I called and asked the rep from Loyalist program and was told yes. But don't know if his answer is correct.
  4. Yes, you can use Loyalist rewards on LV purchases at Bloomingdales. You also get points for the purchase. I’ve used the rewards several times purchasing an slg or bag. Most recent is back in December. I have called to purchase but always pick up the item at the store.

    When you call LV at Bloomies, you may get the LV call center when they are busy. You can just ask to talk to an SA at the store. If they are not available, someone will call you back.
  5. Bloomingdales is having their 25 dollars per every 100 spent event. I cant earn power points from buying LV but I can use my 25 dollars towards LV right?

    I needed to buy some baby items and now I have potential dollars towards LV :smile: