Louis Vuitton in Asia (specifically japan) pricing details!!!

  1. People keep telling me the LV there is very overpriced, just outta curiosity HOW overpriced if so? anyone in japan? I assume there is a set markup compared to North america? or am I just being stupid? haha :hysteric:
  2. i dunno about japan but lv is definitely a lot more expensive in the US than France. (weak dollar)
  3. thanks haha I just realized my original title should have question marks rather than !!!! haha I wonder how much more japan is becasue my mom was like japan is more than US and Canada pricing which is more than frace so that's alot of a difference I guess.
  4. In Hong Kong at the louis Vuitton store it's also more expensive (I'm not talking about second hand shops).
  5. i think LV in HongKong is nearly the same as elux prices.

    i'm based in manila (and bought all my LV here), i went to HongKong 2 weeks ago and visited 2 LV stores (and to get my bag a hot stamp:yahoo: ).

    anyways, dollar rate in manila is about 50 to a dollar. the LV shop here sells at a conversion rate of 62 to 65 to a dollar.:wtf:
    while in HK it was only 50 to 54, so it's almost the same price as in elux...

    and add to that, LV is having price increases every so often:crybaby:
  6. thanks blu! So It seems hong kong is reasonable, I HOPE japan is the same I am going in 6 months,But knowing LV there will be ANOTHER increase by then!!!!!!
  7. I think you will find the prices in Japan higher compared to those in HK. I had heard that's why Japanese tourists buy LVs in HK.
  8. rishin : I believe there was a thread about an article about LV tries to limit number of bags janpanese tourists buy in France.
    It said they would try to sell LV bags to the black market when they come back to japan. There were some figures about the price in the article and the difference is quite a bit. I think Lv price in Japan is more expensive in Hongkong :blink:
  9. I was in Tokyo in September, the Mono Speedy 35 was 84 000 Yen, makes 718US$ or 560€ = 30% markup on the French price (430€), one reason I wouldn't buy anything designer there...
  10. I got my Damier Speedy 30 in China and it came out to $700.
  11. I wouldn't buy LV there unless it is exclusive to Japan, etc. It is mainly due to the Yen/Dollar relationship, and most items are 22% above US$ prices... That is why Japanese people GO CRAZY in US and Europe to buy LV and other designer brand pieces! South Coast Plaza gets tour buses with Japanese tourist almost every weeekend! BUT Japanese LV stores have some perks like they do SP items that they wouldn't in US.
  12. ^I agree...*taking out my handy dandy Japanese Brand Mall Super Collection - Only Monogram 2006 bible* these are some of the prices in Japan:

    Manhattan GM - 234,150 yen USD$2002
    Speedy 25 - 77,700 yen USD$664
    Speedy 30 - 80,850 yen USD$691

    All these are pertaining to the Mono Canvas range and are without taxes. And yeah, I've heard that the Japanese go ga-ga in Paris LVs (so did I actually)...but good thing is Japan has got LOTS of pre-owned bags/watches shops and these usually have all your HTF stuff!:yahoo:
  13. yes! i believe japan is very expensive to buy designers.
    when i was in hong kong airport, i've seen so many many japanese girls there. my family in hk said that japanese comes to hongkong to shop designer's
  14. However the consignment shops there are to die for and very low-priced (comparing to the Japanese market) and authentic. While I was over there, one consignment shop had the jewelery case that had the arms with Lv on it (murakami) selling for 3k. I am regretting not purchasing the vip edition of a hair bobble that I had.
  15. What about taxes? (HK, Japan, France, etc) Here in nyc it's 8.375%....so it adds up to a lot!!!