Louis Vuitton Icon Collection?

  1. i just got an invite from LV to attend a cocktail reception to see their Icon Collection... does anyone know what this is about? and who is attending? :smile:
  2. Oooh I only wish I could go !
  3. Very nice !
    Please go, when is it ?
    We need your full report !
  4. & pics if possible
  5. Ooohooooh!!! You have to go!!!
  6. Yeah, i recieved my invite from LV (Holt Renfrew) today too. I have no idea what it's about and unfortunately I have a night class then (Wed. Oct 11) so i won't be able to attend.
  7. awww, that's too bad! we could've met! :smile:
    i'm definitely going so i'll take lots of pictures and provide a full report... hahah!
  8. it's next wednesday, the 11th!
    i don't know if all stores are having this event on the same day or not. hopefully someone can give me more info on this so i can be prepared! i've never been to any of their events before
  9. Have fun! Send pics!!!!!:smile:
  10. Have fun Kaye! Can't wait to see what you have to report back ;)
  11. take lots of pictures when no one's looking!!!
  12. You are so lucky.
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