Louis Vuitton, I hate you...

  1. I am in bloody love with the Viktor. I just saw it today at the 5th Ave LV store, which by the way, is marvellous.


    Alternatively, I loved the Tiaga Andrei as well:


    Should I do the terribly irresponsible thing and blow some money on an orgasmic LV messenger? :yahoo:

    Oh so tempting. I just wonder if LV makes a bag that would accomodate my 17 inch Macbook. :shrugs:
  2. You only live once, what the he&& are you waiting for??
  3. Oh, I really like them!
    Go get it, Vlad!:yes:
  4. Get it! Get it! And take some beautiful pics of it with your great new camera.

    Do you really think we were going to talk you out of getting it..I think not. :nuts:

  5. I didn't expect that at all. :amuse:
  6. Do it, Vlad, come to the dark side! You deserve a Vuitton!
  7. We can enable with the best of 'em! Get the bag, it's gorgeous.
    And take lots of pretty pics for us.
  8. Do it!!!! I love that style and what better way to carry an apple laptop, mine lives in my Damier Broadway Messenger and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!
  9. Another "do it" here!
  10. Get the 1st one :yes:

  11. I would have to agree. Unfortunately, my beast is huge, and none of the mentioned bags can fit a 17 incher. :crybaby:

    I am gonna have to go to the store again tonight and check what they got. Regardless, I love, love lovvvveeee the Viktor. :heart:
  12. Get it!:devil:
  13. Go For it Vlad!
    Live dangerously lol! They are both totally gorgeous! And I just want to congratulate you, because its very rare you come accross a man with such a fabulous sense of style!
  14. Go on, get it. You know you want to.:devil: :lol:
  15. The Viktor is breathtaking. Get it!