Louis Vuitton - How are they made?

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  1. very interesting, thanks for sharing!
  2. interesting thanks!
  3. And this my friend are why my LV flats are some of THE MOST comfortable shoes ever!!

    Thanks for sharing, I'm impressed,thus I can tell all those who question the cost of my purchase, why I make the investment.
  4. Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing !!
    Very interesting to see how they make the bag 😄
  5. I just purchased a Empreinte Speedy 25 today :smile: , so this is so interesting!!
    Thank you for sharing!
  6. thanks for sharing!!! interesting!!!👍
  7. Very interesting indeed, thanks for sharing! :smile:
  8. very nice process
  9. very cool thanks for posting this
  10. That was fascinating, thanks for sharing. :smile:
  11. So hypnotizing to watch! Thanks for sharing!
  12. That was cool! :cool:
  13. WOW!
    Very interesting and fun to watch! Glad that everyone liked this thread.
    Any more videos on how bags are made? The process is just truly amazing!