Louis Vuitton House Of Holland

  1. Wouldnt it be great if Marc Jacobs teamed up with house Of Holland and designed a logo for on the speedy, keepall and other bags. Can you imagine it ??

  2. Something like this, but maybe the lettering bigger:
  3. LV rocks? I am sure the original LV consumer target group would not like/appreciate such a line at all.
  4. Maybe not wording but what about a design?
    Not too large though!
  5. Obviously Louis Vuitton rocks just come into my mind, it would be something else on the bag. But I think It would look great, the design element is there lol
  6. why ?? why wouldnt they appreciate this line ?. They appreciate cherries, flowers, graffiti and panda's.
  7. i think that would be great. i love house of holland tshirts.
    i disagree with wentworth, i think customers would like it and it would appeal to others who wouldnt normally buy LV
  8. Ha ha, no.

    I lived for 5 years in Salzburg, a rich and snobby town full of families of so-called "old money". They are the original target group of LV, not the new middle-class. So, despite not belonging to them, yet being a regular customer at the Sbg LV boutique, I witnessed some of the "women that matter" complain several times about the silk-screened lines, especially the Groom line. To them it was garish and def. not LV-like. Besides, those women wore mostly Suhali, Epi (and Mini Lin).
  9. i dont think its fair to say they are the women that matter. thats like saying we are not worthy of buying LV.
    The murakami lines were huge sellers and were really popular so LV clearly has the market judged right.
  10. "The women that matter" are the society matrons/leaders of the town, they matter in context to Sbg cultural and social life. They are also the LV VIP clients, the ones that get the preferential treatment and all that jazz.

    I am using Sbg as an example, "twtm" can be found in most cities.
  11. we have plenty of VIP customers on the board that im sure would love a collaboration with house of holland.
    LV isnt just about the luxury basics anymore, they are fashionable and inovative.
  12. All LV clients are equal, but some clients are more equal than others. See there is vip and there is VIP.
  13. Uuh let's not get to worked up over something that hasnt been made ;)
    I think i would be unsure if LV did make a line like that.
    I mean the little panda in the corner of the bag is not as loud if you kwim?
    but i'm sure it would appeal to some people.
    That's what i love about LV theres something for everyone!
  14. There are lots and lots of people around the world that are rich and snobby and buy LV. I happen to have been to Salzburg and I find the people nothing but charming. Not only rich and snobby people are the target of LV's, or it wouldnt be worth them making bags and accessories. Maybe 60 years ago, LV had a large target audience of snobby rich people but not these days...allmost anyone and everyone can own something LV. If people want the most expensive bags and act rich and snobby then why not get a Hermes ?...doesnt make much sense to me. A bag is a bag, nothing more really, yes it does have history and some class but it doesnt take much to own one, most people with a visa can now get the bag they want.
  15. This would be interesting. I would buy them!! but it more likely to NOT happen as it would be a bit repetative(similar to graffiti). just my honest opinion ..