"Louis Vuitton Hotel" Party in Sydney

  1. i just got the invite today. it oesn't give any hits of what to expect, but i'll phone my SA there to enquire (plus gauge if its worth the trip or not). anybody going?
  2. Oh you should go it'll be fun are they opening a hotel there maybe there be special launch items & goodies bags
  3. Oooo! Exciting! Have fun!
  4. sounds fun!
  5. How cool.
  6. What fun!
  7. Wow!!!! You should go, it sounds fun!!!
  8. and don't forget to report back!!! :tup:
  9. Awesome! Have a great time, DD.

    When is the even going to be held?
  10. sounds so cool.
  11. Cool, Mr.D! Have a great time! :tup:
  12. wow cool!! Sounds like it'll be alot of fun. Let us know how it is once you get back.
  13. sounds exciting I would go!
  14. Oooh sounds like a great time!
  15. cool take a spy cam and take pics or let us know if you see any men's items:graucho: